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At LJHS, parents enter a partnership with the School in the education of their children. Families are encouraged to participate fully and frequently in school ceremonies and special events. Dates are published regularly on the LJHS web site. Our Parent Support Group fosters the spirit of volunteerism that pervades the school community.

All LJHS parents belong to the Parent Support Group and are encouraged to participate. A general meeting is held once per month and notice of the date, time and place is posted in advance of the meeting on the LJHS website. Various volunteer projects at the school and fundraising events are held throughout the school year. The Parent Support Group also sponsors many traditional school events.

The purposes and objectives of the Parent Support Group shall be to foster interest in the life of the school; to promote cooperation, communication and unity of spirit among parents, faculty, staff, trustees, and students; to encourage understanding among parents concerning the school's objectives; and to provide a means for parents to be of service to the school.

To attend field trips or volunteer at school, volunteers must have the following forms on file at school:

LJH Volunteer Form

DPS Criminal History Verification Form

LISD Criminal Records Release Form