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Mission and Goals


The mission of Lockhart Junior High School is to provide each student a safe and nurturing environment that promotes excellence in learning and citizenship. The LJHS team is committed to transitioning student social and academic development towards college, career, and life readiness.

Lockhart JHS Vision:

In order to fulfill our mission we are dedicated in creating a school in which

  1. There is a safe and orderly environment
  2. All students and staff have pride in their work
  3. We work to have a reciprocal relationship with parents/guardians that supports student academic and social development
  4. Positive relationships are built with respect for students and staff
  5. We nurture the development of the whole child


If we are to be a school that is safe and orderly, then we must work as a team to provide consistency and a unified front in support of campus procedures and expectations.

If we are to be a school that demonstrates pride, then we must model pride and excellence in everything that we do.

If we are to be a school that builds positive relationships with parents, then we must be persistent in our pursuit to engage parents with both positive communication and for help and assistance.

If we are to be a school in which everyone feels respected, then we must build positive relationships with every person that we interact with each day. We will make time to get to know other staff members, students, and parents.

If we are to become a school that develops the whole child, then we must create and sustain systems of support that ensures each child is challenged, healthy, engaged, safe, and supported.


Every student will meet 1.5 years of academic growth in Reading and Math.