Social media posts about "clowns"

Dear LISD Parents,
This morning, the district became aware of a social media posting alleging clowns would harm students at Lockhart Junior High School, the M.L. Cisneros Freshman Campus, and Lockhart High School. The district immediately reported this to the Lockhart Police Department. Working with law enforcement, the district has no information at this point to suggest that the threats are credible.

The reports of clown threats across the country have been widespread in social media in recent weeks. As recent as this week, several neighboring school districts in the area have received these threats. While this is a current hoax trend in social media, the district considers the safety of student and staff its top priority and will always notify law enforcement to investigate potential threats.
Threatening the safety of students is a serious matter, even if it is only a “joke.” There are a number of people across the country who have been arrested for posting these threats. At this time, LISD has no changes in its normal operations as the threat is not credible. However, the district will continue to monitor the situation and remain connected with local law enforcement. As always, please report and ask your children to report any specific suspicious activity to school officials and law enforcement.